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Adult Catechism

St. Paul's Groups

It is the nature of love to give as well as to receive, to serve our God in response to the love we have received from him in abundant measure. This is done most commonly when the Christian faithfully fulfills his life's callings. Are you a spouse? - Then be a faithful spouse. A parent? Then bring up your children in the training and instruction of the Lord. A child? Then honor your father and mother. Are you an employee? Then give an honest day's work. An employer? Then treat your workers fairly.

Another way you can serve the Lord is through participation in the various groups of our church. The benefits of belonging to and participating in groups such as these are many. They give the member an opportunity to serve his Lord in love for all that the Lord has done for him. They also provide an organized way to help out the Church that brings Christ to you in Word and Sacrament each Sunday. And as if these weren't enough, participation in these various groups are a good way to get to know your fellow members better. More than once a member has made the comment to me that after he got involved in some project at St. Paul's, he got to know a fellow member better and learned just how much they had in common. So we encourage our members to join and to participate in whatever group they can.

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